How to overcome jet lag

Jet lag is a very common disease that affects millions of travelers around the world and that occurs when you make a very long trip through which you arrive in a country that has a very different time zone from yours. This causes that when for your body, for example, it is already night, in the country in which you find yourself it is in the morning of the next day or at noon of that same day.

The symptoms of jet lag do not always occur at the same time and not everyone suffers from them, but the most common are tiredness, confusion, irritability and in some cases memory loss. In order to overcome or avoid jet lag there are a few things you can do, take note:

– Try to adapt as soon as possible to the schedule you will have at your destination , even a couple of days before traveling. Set the clock at that time and, as far as possible, live from two days before the trip based on that so as not to "waste time" when you are on vacation.

– It is very important that you sleep only at night , either on the plane or at the destination. If you arrive and it is in the afternoon, although for your body it is at night, do not go to bed until it is time to do it, otherwise you will drag the schedule and you will not adapt to the new one.

– Try to hydrate often, both during the trip and at the destination. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as that, although it may seem impossible, helps you combat the effects of jet lag.

– Adapt to life at destination as soon as possible, the best thing is as soon as you get off the plane, so if when you arrive it is the local time to eat, you already know, eat something even if you are not very hungry. It may seem silly but jet lag can affect your body a lot and can ruin your vacation.