Tips for traveling by plane

On the plane we will experience the beginning and end of our trip, round trip, in order to be more comfortable on the way it is important to take note of some small tips that can help us avoid any annoying situation.

Recommendations that will make the flight more enjoyable

Intestinal gas : People prone to intestinal gas can have a hard time on an airplane due to pressure changes. The ideal is not to eat flatulence or heavy meals from the day before the trip.

Ear plugging : Pressure changes at takeoff and landing can also alter our ears with sensations of plugging and momentary deafness. To alleviate this sensation, it is recommended to blow your nose with a tissue or chew gum.

Dry skin, respiratory tract and cornea : At high altitudes, humidity is usually lower than normal between 10% and 20%. To prevent this from happening, avoid alcohol and coffee from the day before the trip, as these substances have a dehydrating effect. To improve it is advisable to drink water and juices during the flight.

Tiredness and drowsiness : A common problem among travelers, jet lag or jet lag can cause this feeling. To overcome these effects it is recommended to try to adapt as quickly as possible to the new schedules and above all to prepare mentally.

Contusions : These are rare, but can occasionally occur due to possible turbulence. To avoid this, always respect the instructions of the crew. Remain seated whenever possible and with your seat belt on for added safety.

Circulatory problems : The reduced spaces in the plane are inevitable, unless we are going in business class, so they can cause stress and stress resulting in swelling of the feet. Remember to always wear loose and breathable clothing that does not constrict us and allows ventilation.

Dizziness : Rest before getting on the plane, avoid sudden head turns and do not think of flying on an empty stomach. If you still get dizzy, fix your eyes on the horizon, breathe slowly and think of pleasant things.