Tips for organizing a trip to Venezuela

While some places on earth are covered in snow, the rest enjoy under the rays of the sun. In the latter case, Venezuela would be the ideal example as it is located in the tropics and therefore most of the country has a tropical climate. The coastal areas have excellent weather from November to May. If you want to go to Venezuela, plan your trip at least a month in advance and try to take advantage of tourist packages to make it more profitable for you.

You should make an estimate of the expenses and opt for a package that is complete but not too expensive. Remember that if this package includes visits to the high areas you will have to bring warm clothes since you may find areas of snow. You don’t even know that you are not going to visit these areas, pack your suitcase with "light" and "fresh" clothes so that you can enjoy long days at the beach much more.
Apart from the issue of the suitcase, remember that you must have your valid passport to travel and you must inform yourself if you need any other type of paper. Venezuela is very well communicated by road, rail and air. This will come in handy if you finally end up organizing a trip to adventure with nothing previously contracted.

If your trip lasts a week or more, you will be able to fully delight yourself with the pleasures of the country. It is important that you organize your time and that you try to spend at least two days in each destination that you have planned to visit. The most popular tourist attractions in Venezuela are in the city of Canaima, Los Llanos, Isla de Margarita, Mérida and Caracas .