The spectacular Route 66

One of the great dreams that I have as a traveler is to become the famous Route 66 , a highway that crosses the United States from coast to coast and that thousands of people decide to travel every year either by motorcycle or car to be able to enjoy a large number of states and be able to see incredible landscapes.

It is clear that it is no longer as famous or as used as before, since with the construction of new highways and the large number of airlines operating in the country, people prefer not to invest so much time, although I particularly believe that the magic of doing that route is much more than moving quickly from one place to another.

Construction of this famous Route 66 began in 1926 to connect various isolated places in the western part of the United States with the eastern part of the country, ending in 1938 and becoming one of the most famous and transit roads in the world. country since before its construction it was very difficult to move from coast to coast without having to go around a thousand times or use different means of transport, mainly the railroad.
Route 66 begins in Chicago , in the Lake Michigan area and through states such as Illinois, Missouri and Kansas until it reaches Oklahoma , where you make a small turn to continue through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and, finally, California . In total there are 4,000 kilometers and in a week you can travel it all at a rate of about 600 kilometers per day to be able to take detours and visit different cities.

Surely you have seen the animated film "Cars" in which Lightning McQueen arrives in a town that is no longer visited because the highways no longer pass that way. This movie was made inspired by Route 66 and how forgotten it is today. Of course, I am very clear that I would not like to die without having traveled it. Someday I will… I hope so!