A walk along the Beatles route in London

There are many people who when they go on a trip to a city love to do original things that go far beyond taking the typical tour of the places of interest to be able to complete their photo album. And is that today in all the cities you visit you can find alternative tourism to make your stay there more fun. This is what happens in London , the English capital where there are many alternatives to make your holidays anything but monotonous and boring.

One of the most interesting and original proposals that they have in the city is to do the Beatles route , where you will visit a lot of emblematic places that are closely linked to the Liverpool band that caused such a fury around the world. In it you will also be able to know how the group passed through the capital, so if you are one of the many Beatles fans who want to be, feel, see and touch everything that has to do with your idols, you will undoubtedly love it. this route.

An unforgettable tour

You will be able to see pubs, cafes, concert halls, recording studios and art galleries that were an important part of the Liverpool boys’ career. The route begins in the famous Tin Pan Alley street , a place where the greatest rock stars have passed and although it is called Denmark Street it has been called by another name since the 1920s. There you can see many photos of the group and from other music legends. This street is where the recording studio is where they recorded their records.

You can then continue to Carnaby Street as it is only a 10 minute walk away. There the great bands of the 60s and 70s met, in addition to all their followers. Of course, the next stop is Abbey Road , where the zebra crossing is where they appear on the cover of the album that bears the name of the street in tribute to the studios that are there and that is where it was recorded. It’s a lot of fun to see lots of people taking pictures of themselves in the crosswalk and stopping traffic so they can take a picture just like the Beatles.

A very special art gallery

The route then continues through other recording studios and through the art gallery where John Lennon met Yoko Ono, in addition to the house where Paul McCartney has lived for 50 years. At the London Tourist Office they can give you all the information you need as there are guided tours that explain all the anecdotes of each place. It lasts about two and a half hours and costs 15 pounds, about € 18 more or less. If you do not know London and you do not know how to go from one place to another, I recommend that you hire it, although if you already know the city you can go for free and it will be free, plus it can be more fun.