Top 10 things that are stolen from hotels

From the towels to the interiors of the pillows, through the light bulbs and batteries of the television controls. These are some of the objects that Spaniards take from hotels . And it is that 81% admit to taking some "memory".

According to the latest survey by the flight and hotel search engine Jetcost collected by the newspaper "ABC", some guests even take the trays and baskets in which the amenities , fruits and sweets are offered. In some hotels they have even detected thefts that require the use of screwdrivers and other tools to take pictures, door handles, hair dryers, towel racks … Even in the business rooms of hotels for executives, computers, printers and, how no, whole packs of folios. Do you want to know more curious facts about hotel robberies?


Tricks to avoid suspicion

Of course, those who usually take these "souvenirs" from the hotels, know some tricks to avoid arousing suspicion, such as inadvertently making a towel, bathrobe or small bottles of liquor from the trolley in the hallway disappear when they are cleaning or refilling them. bedrooms.

At the breakfast buffet

In addition, many take pieces of crockery or cutlery from the room service trays that other customers leave in the corridor. Of course, thefts also reach the breakfast buffet, from where sandwiches, jars of jam, cheeses, cases with rolls usually come out hidden …


More than 81% of Spaniards

As we told you before, more than 81% of Spaniards admit that they have ever taken something from a hotel. However, the Danes are the most scrupulous guests, as 88% of them say they have never stolen anything from their rooms. They are followed by the Dutch and Norwegians.

The things that are stolen the most

1.- Bathroom amenities (sometimes including the tray or basket where they are offered).
2.- Towels .
3.- Light bulbs, remote hands batteries …
4.- Stationery objects, pens, notebooks, magazines, Bibles …
5.- Flowers and fruits, including vases or baskets.
6.- Bottles of liquor from the minibar (they are drunk and not declared or are filled with water and other liquids).
7.- Ceramic pieces, cutlery, glasses and goblets.
8.- Interiors of pillows and duvets.
9.- Towel racks, hair dryers, mirrors …
10.- Electrical devices: irons, clocks, wall lights, DVDs …