10 tips to organize your travel luggage

Are you going on a trip! !! Congratulations!! Living experiences away from home is great news wherever you go. Of course, before leaving you should think about your luggage, what you are going to take with you so that everything goes well.

In today’s article we want to help you organize your luggage with a series of tips with which it will not cost you to pack your suitcase no matter how lazy it may give you. Take note and travel easy!

1- Make a list

As you probably imagined, the first thing to do is a list of everything you should take with you. Think about the essentials first and make a separate list with what is not so necessary. In this way you will make the most of the space for what you really need. If later you see that you have a gap, you can place the rest.

2- Is your suitcase heavy?

It is an obligatory question so as not to overpay. In many airlines the maximum weight allowed is 23 kilos, but that is something that can vary. Make sure you are under the weight in question without rushing too much, since the scale at home and the one at the airport can offer different results.


3- Think about fluid restriction

If you do not want to get an unpleasant surprise at the airport security control, take transparent plastic bags for the cans in which there is liquid, since these cannot be more than 100 ml if they go in hand luggage. The solution is not to buy mini products at the airport, more than anything because they will cost you a lot of money.

4- Take a first-aid kit

If you are following a treatment, it is likely that you will need to carry a letter from your doctor to authorize the entry of according to what medications in according to what quantities in some countries. It is a good idea to carry them in your hand luggage in case the suitcase gets lost. In addition to the specific medications you may need, it is worth adding plasters, paracetamol, antidiarrheal, insect repellent, sunscreen …

mosquito repellent

5- Leave a little space for possible purchases

Taking the suitcase to the limit is synonymous with not having space for anything else. Unless you dispose of something during the trip, you will not be able to buy anything because you will not have space to put it in the suitcase. Think about it in case you plan to buy something or settle for paying at the airport for one more bag.

6- The most valuable, always at hand

Most airlines do their job well, but every now and then there are suitcases that get lost or arrive practically destroyed. That is why I recommend that you carry the most important things (for its economic or sentimental value) always at hand.


7- You still need an adapter …

Did you know that there are up to 14 types of plugs? That means that you will not be able to charge your mobile so easily in your destination if the plug they use is not like the one used in your country. South Africa and Brazil are the only countries that have opted for an international single plug that would solve the problem of many travelers.

8- What will the weather be like?

Yes, sometimes they are wrong, but it is good to pay attention to the weather forecasts when traveling to a distant country so as not to clash with the chosen clothes. For example, traveling to cold Iceland is not the same as traveling to hot Thailand. Look at the temperature and if you are going to find sunny or rainy days.


9- You may not need towels

Speaking of space in the suitcase, it is essential to talk about towels because of how much they occupy and how little you may need them. If you are going to have a towel in your accommodation, you will not need to take it with you unless you are going to a beach destination. If you have to bring towels yes or yes, opt for those thin, medium-size towels that dry in a matter of hours. They occupy little and go very well.

10- Don’t forget the basics!

You can think a lot about your luggage so you don’t forget even the smallest detail, but don’t make the mistake of going to the airport without something as basic as your ID, boarding pass or passport . It may seem silly, but you have to make sure before leaving home. The same can be said of the mobile phone, credit cards or money that you always have to carry in your pocket.

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