The best destinations for diving

There are many people who organize their vacations based on the activities they want to do, since there are better or worse places for this, so if you like to practice a specific sport or any activity it is something that you will probably always keep in mind. One of the most popular activities on vacation is diving , and it is that lovers of this sport have no qualms about traveling half the world to visit the best destinations.

Next I will give you a list of the best destinations in the world for diving , all of them in paradisiacal places where you will undoubtedly live unique experiences. Take note:

Cozumel (Mexico) : It is a small island with a lot of charm, I attest to that since I was there, although not to dive. In the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, it has very calm waters where you can see eels, nurse sharks, crabs, lobsters, rays or nurse sharks.

Cayman Islands : Paradise where they exist, here you can explore seven miles of reefs and diving areas with the remains of different shipwrecks and where you can see sponges, algae, corals and tunicates in a wide variety of colors. If you are a beginner you can stay to dive near the beach, and for experts there are even night diving sessions in which you will enjoy a unique experience.
Belize : Its barrier reef is spectacular, a masterpiece that runs along the entire coast and is considered the holy grail of the area. You can see atolls in the open sea, visit Turneffe Island or the Lighthouse reef to be able to snorkel through the coral gardens.

Bonaire : The waters that surround this place are declared an Official Marine Park, so diving in them is to do it in a virgin and intact environment. Tremendously crystalline waters that are ideal for marine photography. Almost all of its reefs start at the water’s edge, so if you don’t have much experience you can start at the shore. If you are an expert in diving you can go down to the star corals where you will see several families of sea turtles and rays.

Hawaii : In Hanauma Bay you have more than 50 species of fish from the coast and a lot of reefs that make it a spectacular outdoor aquarium. Anywhere in Hawaii you have endless options for diving or snorkelling. At Kealakekua Bay there are spectacular cliffs and plenty of marine life. If you are a beginner, in Kahaluu Beach you have very calm and crystal clear waters so you can do it calmly.