The Pyramids of Tajín in Mexico

When organizing a trip you have to try to combine several factors so that you can have a little of everything and thus live a more pleasant experience. Even if you are only looking for a beach to rest, it is also good that it is a place where there are interesting monuments and a good leisure offer. In Mexico you can find a lot of destinations that can offer you all that, perfectly combining rest on paradisiacal beaches with spectacular natural wonders.

One of the most interesting attractions are the Pirámides del Tajín , which are in the area of ​​El Tajín where there are several ruins and a few minutes from the city of Papantla, in the state of Veracruz . There you will be able to enjoy not only the pyramids themselves but also the “ritual dance of the Papantla flyers”, which is done very frequently as it is one of the cultural events that most attracts the attention of tourists.

The archaeological zone in which the pyramids are located is spectacular, with a settlement of more than 1,200 hectares and which has 17 ball game courts (which they used to play at) and 165 buildings of all kinds. Among those buildings are the pyramids, the most famous being the Pyramid of the Niches and the Blue Temple, although choosing the best ones is difficult since they are all spectacular.

But not only are the pyramids of great beauty, but in the Cumbre Tajín area there are plenty of spectacular beaches where you can spend a relaxing day, such as La Guadalupe, Costa Esmeralda or Tecolutla. There you can also do some other water activities, but the truth is that the truly spectacular thing about these beaches is simply enjoying the landscape.