The best gastronomies in the world

When you are enjoying holidays in other cities or countries, not only do you like to be able to discover the most interesting places in each city, but the local gastronomy is also very successful. A world full of flavors and textures that in many cases have nothing to do with what we are used to, with combinations of ingredients that would never have crossed our minds.

Today I would like to write about the best gastronomies in the world , those that are most successful and that not only sweep their country but can be found in any other thanks to multiple restaurants focused on them. A pleasure for the palate with which you will discover explosive flavors.

Lebanese gastronomy

It is said that Lebanese is one of the most elaborate cuisines in the world, as well as being very varied and with influences from different cultures, especially Arabic and French. Among the highlights, the pita bread , an aubergine paste called baba ghanouj or balls stuffed with minced meat. For dessert, nothing better than baklava, which are puff pastry, nuts and honey.

Mexican gastronomy

One of the most famous in the world and that has chili as its main ingredient. It is characterized by being very spicy and by offering a great variety of dishes. The highlights are the tacos , fajitas, nachos, mole poblano, or just about any spicy combination with avocado or tomato added. Of course, you cannot miss tequila, the country’s quintessential drink.

Japanese gastronomy

The passion for sushi has made all Japanese food famous around the world, such as tempura (fried shrimp and vegetables), sashimi, sukiyaki or Kobe beef. All Japanese dishes come with various accompaniments, such as sake, ginger, soy, wasabi, sugar, or vinegar.

Italian gastronomy

It could be said that it is the one that everyone likes the most, or even that it is the only one that everyone likes, and that is who more or less eats a pizza or a plate of pasta. But not everything is pasta and pizza in this gastronomy, which also offers culinary wonders made with seafood, meat or rice. Its dishes include caprese salad, tortellini , tagliatelle or raviolli, pastas always accompanied by sauces such as bolognese, carbonara, puttanesca, arrabiatta, pesto, amatriciana or norma. For dessert, a tiramisu is a must.

Chinese gastronomy

Another of the most famous and that in addition to the fact that the Chinese "are everywhere", you will find infinite places to try it without having to go far to do so. Among its specialties are spring rolls , noodles with meat, three delights rice, fried chicken with almonds or boiled dumplings.

Spanish gastronomy

Of course, our cuisine is among the best in the world, and you just have to see the success of any Spanish restaurant that opens its doors abroad. All the Autonomous Communities contribute true wonders to the national gastronomy, such as paella, stew, omelette, Galician broth , potatoes with mojo, peppers stuffed with cod, Asturian bean stew … Infinite specialties that captivate anyone who loves them. proof.