The most visited tourist attractions in the world

Not long ago, Forbes magazine made a list of the most important tourist places in the world, basing that importance on the number of visits they receive each day. The truth is that they are all fantastic and they are in cities that have a lot of interest.

Here I leave you the most visited tourist attractions in the world , so if you are going to be in that city, do not stop visiting them. Take note:

Times Square (New York) : Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable places in the world and that impresses even New Yorkers, who no matter how much they pass by every day they do not stop admiring its beauty. The famous advertising screens in the tallest buildings in the square have made Times Square a symbol of Manhattan.
Memorial Parks (Washington) : It is a spectacular park that contains the most important historical monuments in the United States, such as the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capitol … Without a doubt, a must-see area if you visit the capital North American.
Disney World (Orlando) : The most important theme park in the world is in Florida and in it you can spend several days in the four parks that it has and in which you will discover all the magic of the Disney world. Ideal for adults and children, it is surrounded by hotels, golf courses, shops, restaurants and leisure areas.
Trafalgar Square (London) : This is where the most important events in the city are held, such as ringing in the new year. It houses a spectacular Christmas Tree throughout the month of December. The square commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar and has several fountains and statues.
Niagara Falls : An incredibly beautiful landscape that you have to see at least once in your life, so if you are going to be in the United States or Canada it will be worth taking a plane to visit them, especially if you are in the area northeast of the country.
Eiffel Tower (Paris) : You could not miss the European destination par excellence, the famous tower symbol of France that makes Paris the city of love thanks not only to it but also to everything that surrounds it, such as the Seine or the spectacular parks.