Festivals in Dublin

This September the festival season began in Dublin , two months in which you can find events for all tastes such as musicals, literature, fashion, architecture or something more peculiar.

There are some that I am already late, but I will put it anyway so that if it is not this year you can organize the next one. Anyway, you have time to catch a cheap flight and stop by one … it’s worth it! Take note:

Mountains to Sea : It is a literary festival that takes place from September 1 to 11 and in which you can attend writing workshops, book signings and even attend a meal with the writers who are at the festival. All this in a fantastic setting overlooking the sea.

Dublin Contemporary : It is a contemporary art festival that starts the first week of September and lasts until October 31, so you have two months to visit it. It is not every year and it will not be held again until 2016, so you should not miss the opportunity to attend this year.

Dublin Fashion Festival : If you like fashion, this is undoubtedly the event that you will like the most. Here you can attend fashion shows, makeup and fashion workshops and get discounts at the most important fashion stores when the festival day ends. This year you will already miss it because it is in the first days, specifically it was from 8 to 11, but if you can go another time it is highly recommended.

Fringe Festival : It lasts a week and is celebrated in September (it ended on the 25th). You can attend tons of music, dance, theater, comedy and various shows throughout the city.

Dublin Theater Festival : It is held from September 25 to October 16 and you can enjoy the best national and international productions in the great theaters of the city.

Hard Working Class Heros Festival : Ideal for lovers of good music since many high-quality groups perform, although not all of them are known to the general public. It is celebrated from October 6 to 8.

Open Doors Days : More than a festival, it is a custom that coincides with the dates of festivals, and is that to take advantage of the large influx of public in the city, the doors of the most important buildings in Dublin are opened so that you can discover how they are inside. At any other time of the year you cannot enter.