Dublin wax museum

If you are going to travel to Dublin and you are starting to prepare the places you want to visit, I am going to recommend one that, for my taste, is great. It is the Dublin Wax Museum , a great place to learn in a fun way the history of Ireland, its artists, actors, scientists and other personalities who have left their mark on the history of this country and the city of Dublin.

The place where it is located is already magical and spectacular in itself, since it is in an old arsenal where all the weapons used by the city’s military were guarded. In fact, the armored doors that you find going down to the underground floor are still preserved, which have a shield of more than 10 centimeters and a plaque that says “Bomb and explosion proof”.
There are many categories in the Dublin Wax Museum, so I will break it down for you by points so you do not lose detail:

– Writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde , Samuel Beckett or Yeats.

– Irish history through the years.

– The chamber of horrors with characters like Dracula, Frankenstein or Hannibal Lecter.

– A fantasy world for the little ones with some of their favorite characters like Gulliver, Peter Pan, The Simpsons or Santa Claus .

– A real interactive laboratory with some of the most relevant characters in science and technology.

– A complete video studio where you can dance, sing and test the Croma Key effect, which is the one that allows you to see yourself in the video clip of your favorite singer or group.

– A great walk inside the museum where you will meet world-class characters such as Michael Jackson, Arnold Swarznegger as Mr. Cold, U2 or Pierce Brosnan playing James Bond.

– Of course, you will also have a lot of characters from political life, television, sports and other sections of Irish life.