Bank of England Museum in London

London is a city full of culture and very interesting attractions, which means that no matter how many days you are there, you always have many places to see. You can find a lot of super interesting museums that tell you the history of different aspects of the city, the country or the world, as well as others dedicated to a specific sector and that are most curious. One of these is the Bank of England Museum , which is on one side of the Bank of England.

This fantastic museum has about 1,000 square meters and, as expected, it exposes the entire history of the bank, which it does in chronological order, in addition to having the reconstruction of a bank office from the end of the 18th century that seems to be moving to that era. Among the many things it exhibits, there are a large number of images of the reconstruction of the bank between the different wars and various figures of the time with the costume that each one was wearing at that time.

You can also see vast collections of banknotes , coins, books, pictures, documents, furniture, statues and a host of other items from different stages of English financial history. Famous clients such as Horatio Nelson, the Duchess of Marlborough or George Washington are represented here thanks to various documents that show the commercial relationship between each of them and the bank. In an area called "The bank today" you can see the most modern technologies to explain how the financial system and this particular bank currently work.

The Bank of England Museum is on Bartolome Lane and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (the latest they let you in is 4:45 p.m.). They are closed on weekends and holidays, so the ideal is to plan a visit to the area during the week to be able to visit it as it is worth it.