Churchill Museum in London

On many occasions I have told you a lot of little things about London , and it is that having lived there for almost a year I traveled the entire city and I love to go through it mentally from time to time. That is what I am going to do now with a museum that I loved and that is the one dedicated to Winston Churchill , one of the great men in the history of Great Britain, having fought against the Germans during the war between the two countries.

The Winston Churchill Museum is in Westminster, the district that gives its name to the famous abbey, and tells the story of this president throughout his entire political career. It is divided into five rooms and in them you can see what his childhood was like, his first years as a politician and how he led the country both in the Cold War and in World War II . There are also audiovisual material and other resources so that you can understand everything perfectly.

One of the most important rooms in the museum is the Cabinet War Romms , the place that housed the government center that was in command of the country during World War II and was a real bunker . Construction began in 1938 and began operation the following year, just in time for the war in Europe began. They abandoned it in 1945 after the surrender of Japan and shortly after its great value was recognized so they kept it and created a museum around it.

The museum underwent a major refurbishment and was reopened in 2005. Since then it has been one of the most visited museums in the whole of the UK with almost half a million visitors last year. It opens every day from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and only closes from December 24 to 26. The normal entry price is 14.95 pounds.