The Montjuic cable car

The-Montjuic-cable car
In Barcelona you can do many activities of all kinds, be it sports, visit museums, stroll, go to the beach … but if you want to enjoy the spectacular aerial views of the city, I recommend that you go to the Montjuic cable car , an option great and inexpensive to see everything from a bird’s eye view. It was closed for a while but since 2007 it works normally. The cable car has three stations:

Montjuic Park Station : it takes about five minutes to do the entire route, which is about 750 meters. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to climb the Montjuic mountain. It has 55 cabins with large windows so you can enjoy all the views that you have around you and each one can fit 19 people. It’s a great ride if you don’t have vertigo.

Mirador Station : it is the best to take photos of the city from a privileged place. From the sea to the mountains in a very short time. The booths pass here every 10 minutes, although if there are many people waiting there are more frequently, especially if it is vacation time, weekends or holidays.

Castillo de Montjuic Station : it is the last one and there you will enjoy the views of Barcelona from the top.

The trip can be a bit expensive considering how little time it is, about 10 minutes if you do the entire journey in a row. The price of the Montjuic cable car is € 9.30 round trip for adults and € 6.50 if you want only one way. For children it is € 6.70 round trip and € 5 one way. The ideal is to go up by cable car and walk down, it does not take long and you will also enjoy the road a lot. It is open every day from 10am to 7pm in April, May and October. From June to September it closes at 9pm and from November to March at 6pm.