Rent a car in Egypt

There are many people who love to rent a car when they go on vacation since that gives greater comfort when it comes to moving between different points or cities. Now that it seems that the riots are going to come to an end, if you are going to travel to Egypt and you plan to rent a car, pay attention to these tips so that nothing takes you by surprise and without knowing what to do:

– First of all, you should know that due to a terrorist attack in 1997, the roads throughout the country are highly controlled and any foreigner is examined with a magnifying glass when they are behind the wheel.

– You can rent a car at the hotel where you stay without having to go out to find a company, they always work with one and it will be much more comfortable.

– To be able to drive in Egypt you must be at least 25 years old and have an international driving license. Find out at the DGT before traveling.

– The speed limit on the Egyptian highways is 100 km / h and 90 on the rest of the roads. In the city center you cannot exceed 50.

– The belt is totally mandatory whether on the road, highway or urban center.

– Do not forget to always carry your driver’s license and passport since there are movie controls on the roads and you can have many problems as you forget it at the hotel.

– The main cities have gas stations, called benzene there, but in rural or less populated areas they are scarce, so if your route is going to be long it is better that you go with a full tank and recharge whenever you find one.

– Almost all car rental companies in Egypt give you the option of renting with a driver and the truth is that it is much more recommended than doing it alone since they know everything perfectly and there will be no problems in any control.