What to see in Central Park

In New York City you have a thousand things to do, in fact, you would need several weeks to be able to enjoy every corner and get to know it all in depth. As you probably don’t have all that time, you will have to go to the places of interest in New York that are most famous around the world, so today I bring you one of them so you can calculate the time you will be there, probably all day, and everything you cannot miss. Take note of everything you have to see in Central Park:

– Ideally, start your visit at The Dairy, a Victorian building that is the headquarters of the visitor center and where you can get a lot of maps and all the information you want.

Central Park Zoo : no less than four zoos and aquariums you can find here, with three climatic zones. Inside the zoo you will enjoy a tropical jungle where you can see monkeys, penguins, seals and even an anteater. An amazing place in the heart of a great city.

Conservatory Garden : it is a beautiful and elegant garden full of decorative trees and fountains. In spring it is beautiful as it has all kinds of flowers and taking a walk around there is wonderful.

Bethesda Terrace : a large terrace and a fountain that overlook the lake and that are the epicenter of the park. Nearby, in the tree lined Mall, you will see a lot of skaters.

The Ramble : it is a wooded terrain that has many trails and streams. It is a true paradise for bird lovers as there are about 270 species.

Greal Lawn : it is an extension of grass of about 5 hectares, ideal for a picnic or to play a game of any ball sport. In summer there are free classical music concerts and it is also the place of the occasional very special concert.

Belvedere Castle : it is a stone castle from which one of the best views of the park can be seen. Inside is the Henry Luce Nature Observatory, where you can see the great natural diversity that the park has.


Reservoir : it is a spectacular Central Park lake that covers 43 hectares and is bordered by a path of about 5 km. It is the largest lake of the five in the park and every Sunday model boat races are held there.

Strawberry Fields : a romantic area that Yoko Ono sponsored in tribute to John Lennon since they lived very close. People from all over the world made donations to make this special part of the park possible.

Delacorte Theater : a free theater featuring Shakespeare in the Park during the months of July and August. SummerStage shows are also free.