Vivanco, a temple of wine culture

Vivanco winery
Haven’t you visited Vivanco yet ? It is a perfect wine tourism complex to mix with nature and tradition. It is a highly sought after tourist destination thanks to its winery and the museum that it houses in its 4,000 square meters of extension, which by the way are part of the 8,000 years of wine history .

With more than 100,000 visitors a year, it can already be said that it is the first tourist destination in La Rioja . Throughout their 10 years of life they have managed to attract a million curious people. They are proud of this, but also of having the best wine museum in the world according to the UNWTO-UN (World Tourism Organization).

A winery steeped in tradition

Vivanco bodega2
A similar recognition speaks of his fantastic winery, which is currently one of the 100 best in the world according to the "Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries of the Year for 2015" list. In short, the facility located in the town of Briones accumulates very positive compliments and comments, such as those written via TripAdvisor by several people who have already had the privilege of being there.

There you will be able to discover the native Rioja varieties and their wines, which, as you surely already know, are known all over the world for their quality. Vivanco experts will explain how they understand wine and how the production processes are carried out, ending with a suggestive and educational tasting that will conquer your palate.

Museum of classical and contemporary art

Vivanco museum
That in the cellar. In the museum await you from classic works to contemporary works by artists of the stature of Joan Miró ( Le Trobadour ), Antoni Tàpies ( Copa ), Juan Genovés ( Vinum ) or the great Pablo Picasso. The offer is completed by a fantastic restaurant where creative and sophisticated dishes are served, while exploiting the characteristics of the wine of the region. All this in one of the most beautiful places in the north of Spain . Can you ask for more?

Tasting courses and children’s workshops

tasting courses
In Vivanco there is still more. You can get started in the world of tasting through courses taught by a professional winemaker and sommelier . There are them for all levels and at different times. And the best of all is that they are inexpensive courses that will bring you closer to the universe of aromas and flavors that surrounds a wine.

The other proposal that I found very interesting is the children’s workshops. Thanks to them, children can also get closer to the wine culture to learn about its traditions. A bit of history, information about the land and answers to some questions that they always have in mind. All in a creative and playful way so that they have a pleasant time and can share their knowledge with the family.

Event with bloggers and journalists

Vivanco bloggers
We end with a video of Vivanco’s tenth anniversary . On October 18, bloggers and journalists were invited to the facilities. They visited the museum, the winery, the restaurant and the vineyards, while they learned first-hand about the children’s activities that take place. It was a day of ecotourism and good vibes that ended with a gastronomic route in Laurel street, one of the best known in Logroño.

For more information and reservations, you can call the free telephone number that they put at your disposal: 900 834 113. I would not think twice and take advantage of the December long weekend to discover all the secrets that Vivanco hides.