The wine route in Campania

In recent years, it has become very fashionable to do different culinary or wine routes , and with this you have the option not only to know fantastic places but also to taste the most important specialties of each area. One country in which these routes are very successful is in Italy , where you can find a multitude of them and especially wine routes to taste the best (there they are called degustazione).

In our country, these routes are usually done through vineyards, but in Italy they are mainly done through wine bars , which are stores specialized in wine and where you can find the best in the whole country and, of course, the best places. These Italian routes are also usually accompanied by an aperitif in each of the places where you stop to taste the wine, appetizers that are usually olives, crostinis or cheeses, which are the great specialties.

There are also many routes that are through vineyards , and one of the most prominent wine regions is Campania, which is in southern Italy, right on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The capital of this region is Naples , so it is undoubtedly an area where you can not only enjoy wine but also cities and towns with a lot of charm. In this area you will find the best reds and whites in the country.

The wine routes in Campania are very varied, being able to choose a small one that takes you through a couple of wine bars or a more complete one where you can visit some vineyards and see how the whole process of making each wine is. In addition, in some of the routes you can also hire food, with which you can taste not only the best wine but also the best dishes, which in the case of Campania the most famous are usually spaghetti.