Wine tourism in Chile

Wine tourism-in-Chile
In recent years, wine tourism has been very successful, which is tourism dedicated to wine, not only visiting the best places to taste it but also those vineyards where you can discover the entire process of creating the best wines. Chile is one of the countries with the best wines, so it becomes a perfect destination for lovers of this delicious drink.

Chilean wine has become very famous in recent years thanks to exporting it at low cost to make it known, a great strategy that is bringing numerous benefits. It is currently the third most imported wine source in the United States, with some 70 million bottles exported to that country per year. Thus, wine tourism in Chile becomes a perfect option to enjoy some of the best wines in the world.

Thanks to the growth in the sector, there are numerous routes through different wineries to taste the different wines and learn about their manufacturing process, including some of them accommodation in a fantastic environment surrounded by vineyards. There are numerous wineries throughout the country, and near Santiago de Chile , the capital, you can find a few to visit and that you can combine with the beaches and cities in the area.

Currently there are 188 wineries in Chile , 96 of which are dedicated to tourism, 14 of which have restaurants and 9 accommodation. In the Casablanca Valley area you find 11 wineries, the most famous being those of Morandé and Emiliana, since they also have spectacular restaurants. In the Cachapoal Valley you will find wineries with the best Carmenere, which is the most famous wine in Chile, which is obtained with a variety of grape that is only found in that country.

In the Colchagua Valley there are 23 wineries, many of them with accommodation, where you can perform various activities such as participating in the grape harvest or horseback riding. In the Maule Valley there are 14 and in the Curicó Valley 6. In reality, any Valley offers you spectacular wineries, so the choice will depend on the area where you are going to be.