Gastronomy of Chile

In Chile there are many things you can do during a vacation and a lot of places to discover, with a combination of cities and spectacular natural landscapes. It is a country with a lot of peasant tradition and they have always had a very simple gastronomy since, in general, they have never liked the great luxuries.

Today I would like to talk to you about Chilean gastronomy , which conserves the essence and the rustic air of always, with a very simple preparation and all of them very nutritious. Take note of the highlights of Chilean gastronomy:

Typical dishes : Among the most prominent are the poultry casserole (chicken with potatoes, rice, corn, onion and pepper), stuffed potatoes (baked potatoes that are emptied and stuffed with meat and onion) or oven empanadas (one of the most popular dishes and that is a meatloaf with olives, grapes and onions and that is wrapped in hot pasta). The photograph belongs to a Chilean casserole.

Fish : It is the main character in many of the dishes throughout the country, and in any corner you can find a wide variety of fish such as cuttlefish, clams, conger eels, crabs, mussels, sole and all kinds of seafood.

Drinks : Its wines have a very good reputation and it is said that they are excellent to accompany any dish, in fact, many of the dishes have a splash of wine to garnish them. The most famous are wines of Bordeaux origin, dry whites or a sparkling that is similar to champagne. In addition, pisco is one of the most typical drinks in Chile (a mixture that is made with brandy, beaten egg and lemon juice and is an aperitif).