Gastronomy in Belgium

Belgium is a country with many attractions in any of its cities and towns. Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this country is chocolate and beer, two of the things that have been exported the most to the world, but the truth is that there are many other riches that are worth discovering.

Today I would like to tell you about Belgian gastronomy and all that it can offer you, which although it is not very famous all over the world, it does have a lot of delicacies that you must try when you travel there. Take note of the most interesting:

Chocolate : Without a doubt the most famous and that you will find in any corner of the country, with different textures, shapes, flavors and even colors. There are establishments that have windows that look like authentic works of art, and many of them with a fountain that instead of water has chocolate. A marvel, especially if you like it.

Moules : It is one of the most typical dishes and that you will find in practically any restaurant that is Belgian (obviously, in an Italian one you will not find it). They are mussels that are cooked and accompanied by a sauce and fried potatoes. A very simple but delicious dish.

Fish : It is the food that appears the most in this gastronomy, in addition to shellfish. Herring, eels and sardines are the most typical and are never lacking in any restaurant, cooking in various ways and with different complements and seasonings so that each dish is unique.

Potatoes : They also appear in many dishes. In addition, you can find them in street stalls in any corner, both roasted, fried or stewed. There are dishes that are only potatoes with different sauces.

Fast food : It has nothing to do with the one we know from here since there is it in many street stalls and you can find herring, potatoes, sausages, ham, cheese or various hot sandwiches. Ideal to try on a day when you don’t have much time to eat.

Menus : If you are going to eat in a restaurant and you don’t really know what to order, there you usually order a soup first, a starter with fish or seafood, a dish with meat and potatoes or vegetables and then dessert. More or less like here, but fish is usually eaten more as a starter than as a first course, although that of course is in everyone’s taste.