Adventure tourism in Chile

Adventure tourism has grown a lot in recent years, and adventurers from all over the world are looking for the best places to practice it. In all countries you have destinations where you can unleash your adrenaline in the form of adventure, and today I would like to focus on Chile and everything it can offer you in this regard. In this country you can find a wide variety of activities and excursions designed for all lovers of adventure and risk, including the practice of many extreme sports.

Thanks to its incredible geography and its good climate, Chile is the perfect setting to practice both adventure tourism and extreme sports . In each region you can practice various activities such as skydiving, trekking, rafting, hiking and many more. In the south of the country there are many rivers and green areas, so you can enjoy water sports such as sport fishing, rafting or canoeing. In the inland area you will find perfect places for hiking or trekking.

If what you like is to practice sports on the beach and in the sea to enjoy the waves, all along the Chilean coast you will find a good setting for windsurfing or surfing . It is a spectacular area for this and in fact every year many national and international competitions are held, attended by both professionals and amateurs from all over the world. If you want to be in contact with nature, you will find a lot of paths that take you to spectacular mountains, in addition to discovering several National Parks practicing hiking or trekking .

In the Río Clarillo National Reserve , which is in the town called Parque, you will find a lot of trekking circuits that are specifically designed for the practice of this sport. If you have experience and want to venture to a very intense ascent, you can go to Alto del Naranjo , which is 6 kilometers from Santiago de Chile. To do a kayak descent, the best option is the Maipo River, which takes you to the spectacular Cascada de las Ánimas.

For ski lovers there are several centers where you can practice it thanks to the multiple slopes available for users of all levels. The El Colorado Farellones Ski Center is only 39 kilometers from Santiago and is one of the best in the entire country thanks to its more than 20 slopes and a unique environment.