Extreme adventure tourism

Adventure tourism has grown a lot in recent years, and now extreme adventure tourism is becoming very fashionable, which is the same but with more risks, either due to the type of activity or the place where it is that is done. There are many destinations specializing in this type of tourism, and the truth is that thanks to several television programs that exist around the world, it is a tourism that is gaining more followers every day.

Here are some of the most popular extreme adventure tourism destinations where you will undoubtedly live a unique experience:

Hiking in Alaska : It may seem like just hiking but it is not since it is done in spectacular mountains with dizzying cliffs where you can even find a polar bear. In many places you can also sleep outdoors and spend the night among nature and animals of different species, many of them wild.
Diving among sharks : You can do it in many destinations but one of the best known is La Digue Island, which is in the famous Scheylles Islands. Calm and paradisiacal waters that in some areas offer the opportunity to take a dip among some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Undoubtedly an experience not suitable for "freaks."

Rafting : An activity that has grown spectacularly in recent times and is very popular on the Ayung and Unda rivers, on the island of Bali. The ideal occasion to combine paradisiacal beaches with all the possible relaxation and an incredible adventure that will take you to see the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Kayaking : Also a well-known activity with many fans and that finds in Thailand a place to do it in spectacular waters that are not usually visited by many tourists. The ideal destination to get to know all the hidden areas of this country and that are actually the most beautiful.

Motorcycling : It does not seem that it is a very risky activity, but if you practice it in Patagonia, things change. Roads of all kinds with multiple climbs and vertigo mountains with routes specially designed for motor enthusiasts and that are totally safe.