Eating in Brazil

One of the most attractive countries in terms of tourism is Brazil , and there you can find destinations so different and striking that it is a real wonder, plus you can do a lot of activities every day and discover new sensations. One of the things we always like to do when we travel is taste local food , and it is certainly delicious in this country.

I have never been to Brazil but I have eaten Brazilian food on many occasions, and I have to say that there are wonders that you could be eating for hours and never get tired. Therefore, today I would like to talk to you about Brazilian gastronomy and what its specialties are. Take note:

Feijoada : Without a doubt the most famous dish and one of the most delicious. Be a black bean stew with chunks of pork to which you can also add hot dogs, pig ears, cola, or cutlets. It is served with white rice, orange slices, and chopped cabbage. A real treat for the palate.

Moqueca : It is a seafood or fish stew that is made with palm oil and coconut milk. It is very traditional in Bahia.

Vatapá : A delicious dish that has shrimp, coconut milk, cassava pasta, rice and fish oil.

Acarajé : A mixture of puree, dried shrimp, onions, okra and peppers.

Churrasco : Like here it is grilled meat but there they mix it with cassava flour.

Fruit : It is very important in this country and is part of almost all desserts or sweet salads that you find anywhere. You will find a lot of bars where you can only drink juices, always fresh of course.

Drinks : Draft beer is the most popular, as are others such as brandy or guarana, which is the most famous soft drink in the country and is made with the energy provided by one of the Amazonian plants grown in Brazil. .