Healthy eating during the holidays

The holidays arrive and all our routines get out of control: we sleep more, we do less physical effort and, above all, we eat very differently. In the holiday period, our diet always undergoes many changes since it is used to certain schedules and for a while you will not only eat in others but the excesses will arrive, especially if you go to an All-Inclusive resort where there are so many things that all of us we go crazy and spend much of the day eating everything.

Although it is clear that vacations are to forget about work and other routines, you must take into account a series of things in terms of food so that your body does not notice too many changes. Take note of how to eat during the holidays :

Do not skip any meals or add more than usual. Try to eat in the same way as the rest of the year, that is, if your lunches tend to be "loaded" and dinner is light, make sure it is like that during the holidays.

– Do not abuse sweet or alcoholic beverages. If you can have one every day or one day go out for drinks and have several, but do not go on a daily drunk either.

– Make sure that the schedules are more or less the same each day for each of the three most important meals. One day you can make an exception but do not have a different schedule for each thing each day.

– If you travel abroad, do a preliminary review of its gastronomy so that you are not caught by surprise and be able to know what you are going to find.

– As soon as you arrive at the hotel, learn the hours of the bars and restaurants so that you do not run out of food on any day or have to eat in a hurry because they are going to close.

– Don’t be a gourmand, especially in hotels. The food in them is good but it is clear that when you have been there for five days it seems that there is always the same thing. So that you do not get bored of that, try to eat something different every day and do not mix different things so you do not have to repeat other days.