Tips for choosing a cruise

Cruises are the most fashionable trips lately, and it is that in a single trip you can visit different countries and do it while you sail, having on the ship all kinds of comforts and attractions so that at no time you get bored or bored. tired of being on a boat so many hours. To be able to choose the perfect cruise you must take into account a series of things, so I will give you all the keys to make it so and you can have a dream trip. Take note:

Choose a destination : Currently there are countless cruises around the world, everything will depend on what you want to know, although those that are in the Caribbean, Alaska and the Mediterranean are the ones you like the most. Through the Norwegian Fjords it is also spectacular, although it also depends a lot on the date you want to go.

Choose a date : The ideal is to go when it is not high season since the prices are much better and there are cities that are better known without much heat to be able to enjoy them more. If you have children, although it is not good for them to miss class, it is best to go during school season as you will find better offers for them, especially in family destinations.

Choose a cruise company : There are many companies, so analyze them all to find out which one is closest to your personality. There are them from luxury cruises to more informal ones, some have a mandatory type of clothing and others do not. It is also important if you have children as some have many activities for them. You can check it at the travel agency or find out online on the pages of each company. Disney cruises are a great option if you travel with the little ones.

Total cost : With the prices you have to be very careful since the «from …» that they put you is never really like that. To the "starting" price, you probably have to add fuel, taxes and tips. You should also be very clear about what regime you are traveling in since although it is always ‘All inclusive’, in many cases they do not tell you about alcohol if you go to the disco to have a drink. The excursions you do in each destination are never included in the price, at least as a general rule.

Organization : A cruise must be planned well in advance, not only to organize the trip well and know what you want to visit in each city, but many companies offer you great discounts if you book them several months in advance. For example, right now would be a good date to book a cruise for next spring or Easter.
Cabin : It is very important that you are clear about what type of cabin you want. It can be interior (without windows) or exterior, which does have them. I recommend that it be with a window since it can be quite overwhelming not having one, at least that happened to me during the months that I was working on one. Then you also have different levels, as in hotels, you can choose it VIP and you will have a terrace and all kinds of luxuries. It depends on what you can or want to spend.

Flights : If you have to catch a plane to go to the destination, I recommend that you do so with a good margin, since the planes can be delayed or canceled and you could miss the cruise. Ideally, you should travel to the city from where the cruise departs the day before in order to be there in time and get to know it.