Customs in China

Chinese culture is diametrically opposite to Western culture , so if you are thinking of visiting that great country, you will have to prepare yourself to face people with customs and uses that are probably very different from yours. Far from being an impediment, this will give your trip a special charm.

And it is that one of the greatest pleasures of traveling is, without a doubt, meeting other people, other cultures and also other customs that do not resemble ours. That, in China, you have it assured.

Beware of physical contact

To begin with, you must bear in mind that the Chinese are very reserved people, who have a hard time disclosing details of their private lives. That sometimes collides with our Mediterranean and open character. However, this introverted nuance that the Chinese have does not mean that they are not hospitable. Rather, they have a hard time showing their feelings.

They never kiss on the cheek to greet each other, not even between women, so don’t ever do it when someone is introduced to you. A slight tilt of the head is the most correct. They do not like to touch, and they do not do it between strangers.

If they ever offer you a gift, they will do it with both hands . And you must pick it up the same, with both hands, even if it is very small. Otherwise, you will offend the other person. Nor should you open the gift in front of the person who gave it to you. Wait until you are alone.

With chopsticks … do not play

When it comes to eating, the differences between cultures are even more pronounced. If you decide to eat with chopsticks, like them, never key them in the food, because it is a tremendous lack of courtesy. Don’t examine the contents of the plate with them. Eat safely, putting your head close to the chopsticks, and not the other way around (that’s how they do it). When you’re done, put the chopsticks next to the plate on the tablecloth.