The oldest National Park in the world

Yellowstone National Park is in the United States, specifically in Wyoming, and it is the first to be declared in the world, back in 1872. In addition, it is also the largest in the country. Not for nothing did the Yogi bear choose it for live your adventures there. A place of great natural beauty that you will love if you like to be in contact with nature and animals.

Rivers, mountains, grasslands and a host of geothermal phenomena, such as geysers and hot springs, are some of the treasures you will find there.

Geothermal phenomena of great beauty

Yellowstone was declared a National Park in 1872. It was the first time this had happened anywhere in the world. Although most of the 8,983 square kilometers it occupies are spread across the state of Wyoming, it also occupies part of Montana and Idaho. Unfortunately, in 1988, a forest fire burned almost a third of the park. Today, already recovered, choosing it as a vacation spot can be a unique experience.

Yellowstone National Park hides huge lakes, rivers, towering mountains, and canyons. You can also visit the Yellowstone Caldera , the largest volcano on the continent. The area has numerous geothermal attractions, such as the Old Faithful Geyser , as there is great volcanic activity.

Live nature

Yellowstone is home to a large number of animal species such as grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, elk and deer that live free in the park. There is even a bison park open to the public, Yellowstone Park Bison Herd , the largest in the United States. You can also see numerous species of birds, fish and reptiles.

Lovers of nature and outdoor sports have their paradise in Yellowstone. There you can go hiking, mountaineering, camping, fishing and boating, etc.