The oldest cafe in Italy

Café Florian is an institution in Venice. It was inaugurated in 1720 in the Plaza de San Marcos and little by little it became one of the most prominent places in the social life of the city. Today having a coffee at the Florian is something that any self-respecting tourist cannot stop doing.

To its privileged location (not all cafes see their lives pass from the wonderful place where Café Florian does, with spectacular views of San Marcos Cathedral) we must add impeccable service and the highest quality of its products. All these factors have contributed to making the Florian an establishment of unmatched category.

With a convulsive cultural and social life

When Floriano Francesconi , the first owner of Café Florian, opened the doors of his establishment for the first time in December 1720 , he never imagined even remotely that it was going to become a true cultural and social landmark in the city of Los Angeles. channels. And that this fame would surpass spatial and temporal borders, since it has been that way for almost three centuries.

As soon as it began its journey, the elegant surroundings of the Café Florian attracted the most noble and prominent figures of Venice, as well as visitors. Casanova, Goethe, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens or Marcel Proust were some of his regulars. And the Florian was the meeting place for the cream of the world of art and culture, politics and social life.

It remained in the hands of the Francesconi until 1858, when it changed owners and was restored and its interiors redecorated with all the splendor of the time. Highlights include the Hall of Illustrious Men , the Senate Hall, the China Hall and the Japanese Hall, the Hall of the Seasons. From 1893 it was the headquarters of the International Contemporary Art Fair, today known as the Venice Biennale.