Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country where you can find a great variety of natural landscapes and spectacular places to enjoy your vacations. One of these places is Lake Enriquillo , which is also the largest natural water reserve in the entire country thanks to its almost 400 square kilometers. Its waters are part of such important natural places as the Lago Enriquillo National Park, the Jaragua Bahoruco Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve and Isla Cabritos.

This incredible lake is the remainder of an old marine channel that once linked the bays of Port-au-Prince and Neiba. Its depth varies in some areas, but the average is about 50 meters. It usually varies due to the evaporation of water that occurs in the area, but the level is compensated by the large amounts of water that fall when it rains. The water from here is used for agriculture in the area and for consumption in different cities.

This is the lake

The most characteristic thing about this lake is that it has a very high salinity , even higher than that found in the sea. In the northern part, up to 66 parts per million were detected, which causes it to be classified as hypersalinism. Today there is only one island within the lake, Isla Cabritos , which has an area of ​​18 square kilometers and which was left alone after the disappearance a couple of years ago of the Islita and Barbaritas islets.



The fauna of Lake Enriquillo is undoubtedly one of its most attractive and interesting things. The species that stand out the most are birds and reptiles, with a leading role for the flamingo, the rhinoceros iguana and the Ricord’s iguana. This place is also the natural habitat of the American crocodile , a species that is in danger of extinction and that you can see without problems in Enriquillo.