Travel to Mazunte in Mexico

In Vuela Viajes we have talked to you many times about Mexico , a country with a lot of cultural richness and with a great variety of places that are spectacular, especially the natural ones. If this country stands out for something, it is for its beaches, which are very varied and, in many cases, paradisiacal. Today I would like to write about Mazunte , a magical place that is definitely worth visiting.

I know that comparing this place with paradise would be repeating myself since I have put it on several occasions from other places, but it is totally true, especially in areas such as Punta Cometa , the Bays of Huatulco or the Mermejita beach. It is called Mazunte because it is the name of a blue crab that had a lot of presence in that area many years ago, and it is a place that receives thousands of visitors every day.


On the coast of Oaxaca , in Mazunte there are many beaches, and the most spectacular is the one that bears his name. Infinite beach with white sand and turquoise waters that will make you think that you are on a postcard and not in a real place. In addition, all the beaches in the area are surrounded by greenery and have nearby accommodation as well as restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues. Although there are areas with many establishments, it is a very quiet place. On the beaches you can practice various water sports , such as surfing, swimming, fishing or even going on an excursion in a boat.


Data of interest

In addition to tasting the typical Mexican gastronomy, in Mazunte there are their own dishes that are worth trying, especially those that include marlin or needle fish and that are prepared in different ways. To get to this wonderful place, you must take federal highway 175 in Oaxaca, and then you will find a secondary road that will take you directly to Mazunte.