The best nude beaches in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most visited tourist destinations every year, and it is also visited by people from all over the world eager to discover the innumerable beauties that there are there. In addition to monuments and natural sites, there is also a great variety of beaches, without a doubt the reason why almost everyone travels to any place in this country.

There are beaches of all kinds and with different characteristics, and today I would like to focus on the nudist beaches, which are many. Nudism is not widely practiced in Mexico, but there are areas of the country, such as Quintana Roo, Tulum, Cancun or Jalisco, where there are many places where you can practice it. Almost all the nudist beaches are far from the largest and most popular, and are always in more solitary and almost virgin areas.

Nudist beaches in Quintana Roo

In the state of Quintana Roo there are several nudist beaches in its main municipalities. For example, in Tulum there is Azulik beach, a very isolated beach where there is no type of service. Nearby are the beaches of Costa Coal or Santa Fe, also very intimate and quiet. In the Cancun area is Playa Sonrisa. If you like nudism a lot, at the Hidden Beach hotel you will find a nudist hotel where you take off your clothes as soon as you arrive at the reception.

Nudist beaches in Oaxaca

In this state you will also find several nudist beaches. In the municipality of Oaxaca there is the Zipolite beach, in Huatulco that of Yerbabuena and in Nayarit there is Matanchén Bay , which is also a place with a lot of history since there the pirates rested from their journeys. In many hotels in the Nayarit area there are areas for nudists.

Nudist beaches in Baja California

In this area, especially in the Coronado Islands , there are many activities for nudists, not just beaches. Among them is also visiting colonies of dolphins, sea lions and pelicans.