The best beaches in the province of Pontevedra

Pontevedra beach
Galicia is one of the most spectacular Spanish destinations, with very diverse landscapes but with one point in common: a very special natural environment. In Pontevedra , one of its provinces and which also gives its name to a city, you can find endless tourist attractions, with wonderful cities and charming towns that have something very special. Throughout the Pontevedra coast you can find many beaches where you can spend fantastic days of rest when summer arrives.

There you will see very different beaches but all very attractive, with different characteristics that will undoubtedly make your vacation an unforgettable experience since all the towns where the beaches are have many interesting things in addition to the sand and the sea. These are the best beaches in the province of Pontevedra :

Beaches of Sanxenxo

One of the Galician destinations that receives the most tourists every year thanks to its fantastic beaches. There you can visit Melide beach (white sand and calm sea), Bascuas beach (it is nudist and has moderate waves and wind), Montalvo beach (moderate wind and waves), Canelas beach (semi-urban and with calm sea), Portonovo beach (urban and with calm waters) or Caneliñas beach (urban and with white sand and calm sea).

Beaches of Vigo

In addition to a large city with very interesting monuments and architecture, in Vigo you can also find many interesting beaches. The Rodas beach (rustic and white sand), the Figueiras beach (also rustic and with white sand and calm sea), the O Vao beach (windy and with moderate waves) or the Sirenita beach (es nudist).

Beaches of O Grove

Another very interesting and purely beach destination. The most popular is the A Lanzada beach (very strong and very windy waves), and there are also others such as Castiñeira beach (windy and with moderate waves), Mexilloeirala beach (beautiful virgin beach with calm sea although somewhat windy) or Carreiro beach (moderate swell, white sand and somewhat windy). Sobre do Pozo beach is nudist.

Cangas Beaches

Here you will find beaches such as Melide beach (rustic and with moderate swell), Barra beach (white sand, moderate swell and nudist), Area Brava beach (a very quiet beach), Nerga beach (white sand and windy) or Arnelas beach (calm sea and white sand).