The best beaches in the province of Lugo

A little while ago I wrote an article with the best beaches in Pontevedra (some of them) and now I would like to stay in Galicia and write about the best ones you can visit in the province of Lugo . The most spectacular in the whole province is Las Catedrales beach , a wonder of nature that is in Ribadeo and has been declared a Natural Monument. Its particular beauty resides in the arches and caves that you find on the beach and that you will see better or worse depending on the high or low tide.

But in addition to that beach there are many more throughout the province, none of them in the capital Lugo, which has countless charms such as its Wall but the sea is not among them. Although it is difficult to choose the best beaches in the province of Lugo , these are surely among the best:

Beaches of Barreiros

In the municipality of Barreiros you will find several beaches, all of them more or less small but charming. There is the As Pasadas beach (300 meters long and surrounded by cliffs), the Fonte-Valea beach (700 meters, windy and with strong waves, making it one of the best for surfing) or the Coto beach ( 800 meters and with fine white sand).

Beaches of Burela

Burela is one of the most famous cities in Lugo and there you will find beaches such as Portelo beach (700 meters and perfect for surfing) and A Marosa beach (300 meters, high waves and strong wind).

Beaches of Foz

There are several that are worth visiting, such as Arealonga beach (rustic and with little public influx), Polas beach (it is in Nois and measures only 280 meters), A Rapadoira beach (it is in a hotel zone and it has a promenade) or Llas beach (there are usually a lot of people but it is very beautiful).

Ribadeo Beaches

In addition to the aforementioned As Catedrais beach, you can also find Esteiro beach (60 meters long but totally virgin. It is beautiful), As Illas beach (it is in a hotel zone and has several services) or Os Castros beach (Also in the hotel zone and almost 2 kilometers long).