Get to know Brave’s Scotland

On August 10, the new Disney Pixar movie entitled “Brave (Indomitable)” opens, a beautiful story about Merida, a young woman who in her attempt to end a terrible curse will travel through shocking and wild Scotland . Yes, we know that at first glance it may seem like one more story about brave princesses who save the world, but the truth is that the new Pixar film also transports the viewer to the indomitable Scotland and helps us to explore it and learn about its history , its folklore, its shocking nature and all the mysteries it hides.

Therefore, we think it is a good opportunity to discover a little more about this green country, rich in stories. For starters, and one of the things that is reflected in the film is its folklore , which left the makers of the film speechless and many of the famous legends of the enchanted Highlands of Scotland are reflected in the film. An example of this are the will-o-wisps, attractive blue lights that, according to what they say, guide travelers towards fortune or danger.

In the Disney film, the protagonist will also go through the famous Callanish menhirs, which they say could be in the origin and shape of the first Celtic crosses and which are said to have been built between 2900 and 2600 BC According to legend, the menhirs were originally giants that were turned to stone for not wanting to change their beliefs.

Castles are another of the great attractions of Scotland and the castle that we see in the film as the home of Merida and the DunBroch family is inspired by several of them, especially Eilean Donan Castle, built in the mid-18th century on an island. in which three lakes converge.