Fun facts about Scotland

You are passionate about Scotland and you have decided to spend a few days in the area but do you know some curiosities ? Today we tell you some things that make Scotland a very special place:

– Scotland is believed to have been a completely separate land mass from England . Apparently they collided more than a million years ago and have been "stuck" ever since. Their geological compositions are completely different.

– According to the census carried out in 1909, the Scots were the highest in Europe . However, due to World War I, the average height of men in Scotland dropped 9 inches in 1930.

Scotland lost the largest number of soldiers per capita in World War I

– It is a predominantly Protestant country.

– As Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, the head of state in Scotland is the monarch of the United Kingdom , who is Queen Elizabeth II. In July 1999, Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated Scotland’s first parliament in 300 years. Parliament is responsible for health services, social services, and local government services.

English is the official language and only 1.5% of the entire population speaks Scottish Gaelic.

– The official animal is the unicorn .

– The flag has the Cross of San Andrés on a white background. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

– The population in June 2006 was 5,200,000 people

– Although Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, it is not the largest city. The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow.