Scottish Gardens

Scotland is an exciting country that has spectacular nature, in fact, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful and attractive natural countries in the world. Without a doubt, the many gardens of Scotland are a great attraction for all tourists and they always become one of the main points of interest anywhere in the country. The other day I recommended the best Castles in Scotland and today I will focus on its best gardens, at least those that the Scottish Tourist Office considers this way:

Branklyn Garden : It is in Perth and it is a small garden that is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole country.

Scottish Plant Collectors Garden : It is in Pitlochry is a spectacular tribute to the Scottish botanical collectors who have traveled around the world to obtain different species. It has an outdoor exhibition of many sculptures.

Benmore Botanic Garden : It is in Benmore and has a spectacular avenue with giant redwoods.

Royal Botanic Garden : In it you can see rock gardens, greenhouses, landscaped forests or palm tree greenhouses. He’s in Edinburgh.
Crarae Gardens : It is in Argyll and has a wooded ravine and many rodocentros with great beauty, as well as other species, many of which come from the Himalayas.

Logan Botanical Garden : It depends on the Royal Botanic Garden and there you can see collections of Australian ferns, dwarf palms and other very curious species.

Broughton House and Gardens : They have Japanese influence in the design of the gardens and plants. It’s in Kirkcudbright.

Threave Garden : The National Trust for Scotland runs its Gardening School here, promoting change and innovation, so it is undoubtedly one of the most original and innovative gardens in the whole country.

Dawyck Botanic Gardens : It has large trees and plants and is considered one of the best gardens in the whole of the UK. It is home to tricentennial trees of the tallest in the country and has many trails.