Bahai gardens in Israel

The Bahai gardens offer a truly spectacular image, if we stop to think about the climate in Israel. The beauty, grandeur and above all the spectacular design inspired by religion make the Bahai temple gardens in Haifa one of the most visited gardens in the world. The panoramic view offered by Mount Carmel of the city and the port is magnificent.

The temple itself, along with its gardens, were intentionally built in the area so that at first glance they appear as if suspended. The temple is an impressive construction made with a perfect combination of Italian marble, gold parts and granite columns. Its construction was carried out in 1953 , and little by little it has become a major tourist attraction in the city of Haifa.
The temple is 40 meters high and contains 14,000 gold bricks. It also has 9 facades representing the nine major world religions. The temple is surrounded by unique buildings. For the realization of the gardens they were inspired by the Bahá’í faith and doctrine. The gardens follow one after another and create a special harmony in the area.
They have been open to the public since 2001 . The gardens are built in the form of nine concentric circles. They contain works of art made of stone and metal, and different fonts. The main path is surrounded by colorful flowers. The whole complex is actually an authentic nature reserve. The gardens are known as the eighth wonder of the world . Those who go to visit them will find an oasis of peace, tranquility and romance.