Healthy tourism

Healthy-tourism In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about healthy tourism or health tourism, an innovative concept that focuses on healthy leisure and thermal and natural activities. For this there are many centers that offer multiple services so that your days of rest are really so, such as spas , meditation centers, spiritual centers or spas. In these types of places we can do very healthy activities such as yoga , music therapy, meditation, mineral baths or aromatherapy.

The most visited places for healthy tourism are the hot springs , places that have become fantastic and great treatment and healing facilities thanks to their innumerable treatments such as mud baths, local mineral baths, slimming treatments , rejuvenation of the skin, helps against stress and depression and many more physical and muscular treatments.

In our country it has become very fashionable and practically in every corner there is a spa or spa with a lot of modern facilities that seem futuristic but are a real wonder if you want to spend two or three days of real rest to regain strength and power. relax. It is also a very good option to go with children, since although there are many things that they cannot do, there are others in which they can have a great time, especially in the swimming pools .

In the rest of the world there are also many places to do health tourism, although I would highlight India and Chile. In India they have the best meditation and spiritual techniques , although their physical treatments are also well known that will return any muscle or bone that has been displaced due to the physical stress that you put your body into on a daily basis. In Chile the most famous are its thermal reserves , which are very rich in minerals. In many areas of Indonesia there are also spectacular places for this type of tourism.