How to make luggage weigh less

The trips do not start when you get on a plane or when you put the suitcases in the car or on the train, they start already when you buy them and, especially, when you start packing. With the mess that there is now with this that you can not spend even a gram of the weight and that you have to pay for a second suitcase , you have to do it thoroughly to be able to make the most of all the space and carry the less much the better. Take note of the following tips to make your suitcase weigh less :

– Before doing, find out if where you are going to stay there are toilet supplies (almost all hotels from 3 stars have it) or if they offer you towels for the beach or pool, something that almost all hotels in large destinations usually do Sun. With that you will save a lot of space, since towels especially take up and weigh a lot.

– Prepare the clothes according to the season you are in and do not mix several. It is good that even if it is summer you wear a jacket in case one night is cool, but you do not have to wear four.

– Wear clothes that are in colors that you can easily combine so that with just a few you can get various styles .

– Bring the right and necessary clothing , normally it is a pair of pants for every two days, two pairs of shoes and a T-shirt for each day. This is much less if you go only with the intention of spending all day in a pool or on the beach since you can wear the same sarong, dress or shorts every day.

Make a list with all the things that you are going to take to have everything under control and analyze if it is really essential.

– If you have to carry heavy things, try to carry them by hand. For example, if you are going to wear a coat, take it by hand so that it does not take up space in your suitcase.

– Keep in mind that wherever you go there is a laundry , so you can do without any garment since you can wash the ones you are wearing and put them back on without any problem.

– Finally, keep in mind that if you run out of clothes you can always buy something at the destination, while if you carry more, you will take up a lot of space and you will not use it.