What places to visit in Norway

If you decide to spend your holidays in Norway , you must plan what places you should visit so that you can have more time to know many more. Fairy tales are the main theme of the Hunderfossen amusement park in the city of Lillehammer. It is a fairy tale castle full of characters from the stories. Another activity you can do in Lillehammer is skiing.

There are many slopes here, as well as other facilities for winter sports. The 1994 Winter Olympics were held here and the slopes are rated some of the best in Europe. In Lillehammer you will find the largest air museum in Europe. Here the visitor will find more than one hundred and fifty buildings that house tens of thousands of artifacts. You must book in advance if you want to visit it.
Another place you must visit in Norway is Oslo . Include in your itinerary some specialized art galleries and museums, such as the Viking ship . The Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo is an open-air museum made up of more than one hundred and fifty old buildings. Many activities take place here especially during the summer months.
Don’t forget to stop by Bergen and its Hanseatic Museum where you can see what the city was like in the 1700s. Another stop in this city should be the Church of Santa Maria dating from the 12th century. The architecture is incredible and spectacular. Lastly, a visit to the top of Mount Fløyen should not be missed.