Norway is the country where you live best

The UN , as every year, has just presented its report on the Human Development Index . This is used to evaluate the quality of life in more than 182 countries in the world. The data that have been taken for the elaboration of the ranking are from the year 2007, just before the terrible economic crisis began that is still raging in our society.

This year Norway has been the country that took the cat to the water. The Nordics have taken the lead over Australia and Iceland , countries that complete this privileged ranking. Spain has been placed in the fifteenth place, thus surpassing in one position its result obtained in the last annual report issued by the UN.

As can be seen, most of the countries that are in the first positions are European . It takes a lot to find a South American or African country in the top positions.

Top 25

1- Norway
2- Australia
3- Iceland
4- Canada
5- Ireland
6- Holland
7- Sweden
8- France
9- Switzerland
10- Japan
11- Luxembourg
12- Finland
13- United States
14- Austria
15- Spain
16- Denmark
17- Belgium
18- Italy
19- Liechtenstein
20- New Zealand
21- United Kingdom
22- Germany
23- Singapore
24- Hong Kong (China)
25- Greece

See PDF with the complete list.