Tips for hiking

Hiking is increasingly fashionable in Spain and it is very common to see groups of friends or family who get together to practice it and not only spend the day together but do it while practicing a healthy activity, although there are also people who choose their vacations depending on where you want to go hiking .

In addition, while you go hiking you enjoy wonderful landscapes that offer you beautiful mountains, rivers or charming villages. But hiking is not about going for a walk and that’s it, you have to take into account a series of aspects so that you can do it in the healthiest and safest way, so take note of these tips for hiking :

– Do not leave garbage remains in your path, they dirty the environment and ruin the landscape. Nature belongs to everyone, so if you treat it well.

Do not make any fire , under any circumstances. There are areas enabled for this so if you have to look for one, but not anywhere since you run the risk of generating a fire and the fire devours everything in its path and at dizzying speed. If you smoke, collect the cigarette butts to throw them in a bin instead of leaving them on the ground.

– Do not change the signposted path . This has two aspects, neither go off the route nor do the grace to move a sign so that those who pass later get confused on the way. You can send them to a dangerous place.

– Use some mountain boots suitable for hiking, not just any footwear will do since your feet suffer more when walking along these paths and you must wear special footwear.

– There are also special clothes, although the most important thing is that they are comfortable. Important: always wear a raincoat, even if it is in the middle of summer and the sun is bright.

– Avoid excess weight in your backpack, carry the right food and drink since the more weight you carry, the more it will cost you to continue advancing.