Hiking in Bolivia

Bolivia continues to maintain most of its ancestral traditions and customs that have been used for centuries. The use of natural medicine and the use of their traditional dialect is very popular among its people. They still wear the typical costumes of their ancestors. The country is in a position to present a very well preserved culture that can positively impact the rest of the planet.

The diverse mountainous terrain and forests make Bolivia a dream for all hikers. The hiking opportunities in the Andes mountains, with those great peaks that invite you to climb, are incredible. There are also smaller areas that offer great opportunities for great walks for the little ones and the less expert. In addition, there are a large number of routes throughout the country that allow hikers to know much better the natural environment of Bolivia.
The jungles of Bolivia are full of incredible animal species, birds and plants that must be explored for a few days. There are different ways to travel these areas, although the most common option is to rent canoes to explore the Amazon, and thus travel through the forests and the wonderful landscapes that will be discovered. There are also some options for walking tours of some areas, but it is advisable to go with a guide.
The summer months run from May to September and are the hottest and driest months of the year. Temperatures are more comfortable for jungle walks and hiking. However, temperatures tend to drop dramatically at night so this should be taken into account when making travel plans. Thanks to its typically tropical climate, Bolivia is easy to visit at any time of the year.