Tips for traveling to Argentina

If you are starting to prepare your vacations or you already have them prepared and have decided to travel to Argentina , there are several things that you must take into account so that your trip goes perfectly and you have everything prepared. Take note of the following tips to travel to Argentina:

Means of transport : choose only official vehicles, be they buses or taxis. Do not get in any car that offers you a better price than a taxi driver since it could be more expensive because there are people who use this method to rob tourists.

Currency exchange : the official currency is the Argentine peso and with the exchange that there is now, you will get about 6 pesos for each euro. I recommend that you make the change in official sites such as banks or exchange agencies and not in any store that you find on the street, not even at the airport. You will always have the best change in a bank.

VAT refund : when you go to the airport to return to Spain you can request a VAT refund of almost everything you have bought, normally everything that has exceeded 70 pesos.

– Do not lose sight of your personal belongings, especially the suitcases during the transfer between hotel and airport. If someone offers to take them with you, thank them but say no, even if it is official staff of a hotel or airport company.

Eating in Argentina : the most famous thing in meat and it is clear that you cannot leave without eating one of its delicious grills in any restaurant. Pasta and pizza is also something very typical there and things that come at a very good price on any menu.

Sweets : entering an Argentine bakery is quite an experience since you will have lots of sweets and breads that you can choose from. Just let yourself be carried away by your tastes and try things that there aren’t any in Spain.

Mate : of course I couldn’t forget one of the most famous things that Argentines have exported. This infusion is made from yerba mate and all Argentines consume it anywhere and at any time.