Get to know the hostels in Europe

Several thousand hostel-hostels have beds for tourists all over Europe for really cheap prices per night. The buildings are generally in good condition and easily accessible. As Europe has evolved , these hostels have been remodeled, however they are not usually places that are used for too long stays.

Many people hate hostels, yet others love them and Hosteling has become a true philosophy of life for many travelers. There are two different types of shelters: official and independent. Unfortunately, many official hostels have become expensive places to spend a simple night. The official hostels belong to the so-called Hostelling International. They must adhere to various rules to be part of the group, such as a closing "touch" at night.

If you plan to spend at least six nights of accommodation in these types of official youth hostels, you will save some money if you buy a card called a membership card. Independent hostels tend to be more tolerant and colorful. These do not usually have a special membership card and generally much fewer rules must be followed. Various organizations promote independent hostels, including,, and

There’s also, a hostel-oriented website for " Flashpackers, " the term for luxury backpackers. These tech-savvy youngsters are basically 21st century explorers equipped with credit cards and iPhones. Remember that hostels are not just places where young people stay.
A youth hostel is not limited to young people.