Shopping in New York

In recent years, especially since we are with the euro, it is very common for people who go to New York to take the opportunity to make a lot of purchases since it is much cheaper. The clothes are much cheaper than here, but basically because the change from euro to dollar is very good for us and it is very cheap. The great thing about this city is that it is like a large shopping center since almost all the stores are open from Monday to Sunday .

The best time to do shopping is the sales and also at Christmas (everything is cheaper, not like here, which is more expensive) and also the 4th of July , Independence Day and which is a holiday and a special day to buy. There are also some weekends that put special prices and on Monday they return to their normal prices.

As an example, clothing and footwear will cost you half than in Spain, and that if it is not for sales it would be cheaper. And I am referring to brands such as Levis , Converse, Tommy Hilfigher and other very famous American brands in our country that, being "from home" there, are much cheaper than here. Another of the cheapest things is electronics, although keep in mind that everything you buy that is not clothes you must add 8.3% tax.

The best area to go shopping in New York is Fifth Avenue , at least if you want brand name clothes. If you are looking for cheaper clothes, it is best to visit shopping centers such as Macy’s or the Manhattan Mall. In Chinatown you will find all kinds of counterfeits of luxury brands in bags, watches or purses and you will hardly notice the difference. In those stores you usually haggle. The most common is that they ask you for double what it is worth, so always haggle until you reach half of what they have asked you, but go little by little, not at once.