The best beaches in Galicia

Rhodes Beach
Are you also thinking of a coastal destination for your vacation? Well, we recommend that you take the Spanish coast into account, since there you can find really impressive beaches. And although the islands and communities bathed by the Mediterranean are usually the most chosen destinations, the north of Spain also offers a unique coastline.

To prove it, today we are going to tell you about the best beaches in Galicia . Would you like to join us?

Rodas Beach, Pontevedra

Rodas Beach1
How could it be otherwise, let’s start by talking about one of the most famous beaches in Galicia. We are referring to the beach of Rodas, which has been considered the best beach in the world in important international rankings . The truth is that it does not surprise us, since this sandy area of ​​one kilometer long and 60 wide has beautiful fine white sand, crystal clear waters and areas of natural dunes. It is located in the Cíes Islands Natural Park, in Pontevedra.

Cathedrals Beach, Lugo

Beach of the Cathedrals
The next beach on our list could not be other than Praia de as Catedrais (Playa de las Catedrales), an impressive sandy area located in Ribadeo , municipality of Lugo. What is most surprising about this place are its cliffs that, after centuries of erosion, have acquired spectacular shapes of arches and vaults. You will enjoy the beach even more at low tide, when you can walk between the cliffs.

Grande de Miño Beach, A Coruña

We continue our tour of the most beautiful beaches of Galicia in A Coruña, where Playa Grande de Miño is located, which has the precious Blue Flag since 1984 thanks to the quality of its waters, which are calm and ideal for bathing. Located in an urban environment, this beach has thick golden sand and is accompanied by a lunar complex.

A Lanzada de O Grove beach, Pontevedra

A Thrown
We return to Pontevedra to talk to you about A Lazada Beach in O Grove, a sandy area in the open sea ​​of ​​more than 2 kilometers that has fine white sand and a wooden walk. It also has the Blue Flag thanks to the quality of its waters and its sand.

Boca de Río Beach, A Coruña

Boca do Rio
In A Coruña, specifically in the coastal town of Carnota, we find Boca de Río beach, a truly spectacular beach. Of course, when it is most enjoyed is at low tide, since natural pools are formed. Actually, Boca de Río is the area of Carnota beach, which is the longest in all of Galicia (it is 7 kilometers long), where the Vadebois river empties. It is a perfect place to rest. In addition, it has a large parking area.

Carrizo Beach, A Coruña

Carrizo Beach
We continue in A Coruña, specifically in Valdoviño , to tell you about Carrizo beach, a wild and isolated sandy area that is surrounded by a magical natural environment formed by fine white sands and moderately calm waters.

Canelas Beach, Pontevedra

Canelas Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches in Pontevedra is that of Canelas, a sandy area in the shape of a half shell located in Sanxenxo . Its sand is white and its waters an intense blue. Like many other beaches in Galicia, it also has the prized Blue Flag. In addition, it is very close to the old town of the municipality.

O Vilar Beach, A Coruña

Or Vilar
Finally, we are going to talk about the beach of O Vilar, a virgin sandy area integrated into the Natural Park of the Dunar de Corrubedo and lagoas de Carregal e Vixán Complex, in the municipality of Ribeira . At five kilometers long, this open sea beach is perfect for surfing due to its frequent strong waves.